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    Here, we explain income streams 2&3 that you benefit from in Billionaires Network

    Another amazing income with your Billionaires Network Business is that you earn amazing income from every upgrade in your network. Aside from the Instant Income you earn from your network, every time someone in your organization upgrades from one membership level to another in your genealogy row 1 -10, you earn ¢1.00 this can sum up to huge sums of money as more and more people upgrade from one membership level to another in your network.

    The beauty about this is that it does'nt matter whether the person who is upgrading was introduced by you or not, once the person becomes part of your network, you get paid anytime he upgrades from one membership rank to another. The potential in this stream of income is the same as the potential in the instant Income, potentially you can make over GH ¢13 Million from this stream of income. This is a very amazing opportunity.


    This is a third way of earning amazing income from your Organisation.With Billionaires Network, anytime someone upgrades from one rank to another in your network levels 1 - 10, you receive incentive points of 0.5 Points.

    Your Incentive Points are used in Claiming Awards or Incentives from this Organisation. You can use your incentive points to qualify for many awards ranging from Electronics to Vacation Trips , Automobiles And House Fund etc.

    As you Build your Billionaires Network Organisation, Amazing things are waiting for you in this business to take your earnings to a whole new level. Potentially you can earn over GH ¢ 6 Million Worth of Incentives from your Organisation. This business rewards your effort massively.

    Billionaires Network has truly pulled out all the stops when it comes to ensuring you benefit from MULTIPLE streams of healthy income!

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