We have very incredible, must-have products easily and instantly downloadable and/or accessible directly in your Back Office.

It's a cutting edge financial education series, arming you with the groundbreaking knowledge you need in order to reach your dream of long term financial security.

There are TWO sets of products we provide for our members;


The Education

This education is designed with you in mind. It is designed to be a practical guide to you from where you are now to your new world of financial freedom. The education covers a wide range of topics and issues that are necessary and time tested to help you to achieve your dream of financial freedom. We believe that the right knowledge is power; therefore we have taken time to arm you with the required knowledge.


The first of our products is a robust set of ebooks, available at your back office when you sign up, with timely and engaging financial topics with a broad spectrum of topics ranging from mindset and motivation to some serious financial education that will put the control back where it belongs–with you. We’ve placed a unique business emphasis on helping you reach your full potential and explode your income so you can take your lifestyle to thrilling new plateaus.

If you have chosen to enroll in this program, there are different products to be downloaded that are designed to enable you to attain your dream of financial freedom. It’s just a onetime cost of GH¢ 30.00 to subscribe to this great educational experience and business opportunity.

This education also contain very insightful teachings on ENTREPRENEURSHIP designed to help you to build your dream business and make it a profitable brand and a practical teachings on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT making you the quality of a person needed to impact your world.

Audio Education

We have also taken the time to give you an amazing audio version of the ebooks available in your back office. So that you can listen to this life transforming teachings everywhere you go without hassle.


In addition to the vast financial knowledge provided in these products, you also get a vibrant, information packed, monthly financial and lifestyle newsletter.

Our highly educative business and financial newsletter is one of the best in the industry. The newsletter is designed for you to take your financial insight to a higher level by giving you practical and current trends financial issues, Business news and new ideas in business skills, top notch investment opportunities and above all our highly expertise recommendations as to how to go about each of the issues discussed in the newsletter to make your dream of financial freedom a possibility.

Aside that, there is an amazing monthly commissions to be earned on all your downlines who are active subscribers of this insightful newsletter. The newsletter is OPTIONAL, you can decide to subscribe to it at any time in the business and it pays amazing monthly commissions to its subscribers down to a whooping ten levels on their downlines who are active subscribers. The monthly cost for subscription to the newsletter is GH¢ 11.00 and is automatically deducted from subscribers’ ewallet balance, so you don’t pay from your pocket.

Produced on a monthly basis, these powerful newsletters keep you in the loop with timely information AND can generate an incredible monthly income for you as more and more people make the intelligent choice to secure their independent incomes FAST."

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